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  • The Barony of Southwatch

Like much of Westfall, the region of Southwatch has fallen on hard times. What was once a prosperous, peaceful life of homesteading and farming across verdant fields and rolling hills, is now anything but. A series of unfortunate events has stripped almost all happiness from the realm. From roaming gnoll backs and bandits, to a series of back to back wars sapping the region of able-bodied fighters. The combination of these has left the region in a state of disrepair and dilapidation. Those folk that still cling to the original way of life are stubborn, hardy folk too proud or too scared to try anything else.

A dirt road leads south into the barony proper, winding around or over the many hills that increase as one gets closer towards the looming dagger-like mountains jutting forth from the Southern border. Forgotten paths dart out from the main road here and there, signs of abandoned farmsteads and burned out villages now nameless after years of neglect. The tallest of hills is blanketed by a forest that one might assume provides good firewood and building materials for, until night falls. The glow of fires and the howling of a large and aggressive Gnoll pack interrupt the peace of the region. Though none have the numbers yet to rout the violence beasts from their lair.

Brushwind, or rather its sizeable fields, come first into view. If well-cared for and protected one could imagine the profits from exporting the grain alone nor have to worry over whether there is enough food to survive winter months. Dozens of small homes dot the landscape, clustering together around the larger buildings of the town such as the inn, chapel, and a large stone tower the local guardsmen work out of. Though it is not been fully manned in some years.

Further South, across the North River that flowed down from the Western slopes of the Dagger Hills, the towers of Southwatch Keep could be spotted. Set atop a sizeable hill the fortress was a small mountain unto itself. Rebuilt nearly a half-dozen times over the course of history after weathering some of Stormwind's most dangerous enemies. While functional, the castle was still in a state of disrepair, with plenty of improvements needed.