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*Read* Guild Introduction

Borderland Coalition/House Sunshield is a Low/Medium Roleplay guild located on Moon Guard. One of the first things you need to know about us is that we love to Role-play. We have a guild storyline that offers a story and home to almost any person that applies. We will always encourage all members to write and share stories, host RP events, and interact with each other in-character as much as possible.

Our goal is and always has been to create and maintain a Roleplay hub for those that have the same love as we do. To create stories. To immerse yourself in the game.. to roleplay.

How we do this is we find a place to settle down and provide nightly LIVE RP and events for not only our members but for questers to stumble upon us. It tickles us to hear: "I didn't know people Rped here! This is great."

This is why we exist! Our group is happily open to Random RP, as well as storylines created by nonmembers as long as they are fair and approved by the guild leaders.

We also share our love for the server by hosting server wide events that some of you might remember from WRA in 2011 alone:
-Stormwind keep's Masqurade ball.
-Booty Bay's Pirate Ball.
-Darkshire's week long Kara/FOG event!
-Darkshire's famous villain Grayterror's event he hosted for our guild as well as any who wished to join.
-Darkshire's week long Faire.

We are always looking for members that want what we want.. to create a community of fair, honest and respectful players!

Now onto the nitty gritty!

Theme: World of Warcraft is a fantasy game and within this fantasy we strive to enhance the medieval style experience for our members and those we roleplay with on a daily basis!

Faith: Our guild is a Neutral/Lawful Good order. We struggle to survive everyday and keep our faith in the Holy Light to help us survive. Though, sometimes one must do things that need to be done for the good of the people...