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For the People
The Seven Knights of Sunshield
Courage is not the absence of fear,
but rather the judgement that something else is
more important than fear.

The Seven Knights of Darkshire are noted to be the men that Lord Araian Sunshield has turned loose upon the world in his name. They are virtue and courage, mercy and redemption. They are faith... though, while they are not without fear or doubt or even anger.. they are wise and brave warriors. They know when to challenge their own fears and doubts. When to rise above anger for the sake of honor.

Some are battleworn but not broken. Some new to their oaths and path beneath the Sunshield banner.

All held to the same standard.

The Brotherhood:
Or better known to the people as the Seven are all men of honor and worth. Their dedication to the ideals of Lord Sunshield is what brought them to serve beneath his banner but it is who they are that keeps them from faltering and together in times of hardship. They are brothers. They learn from each other, they accept mistakes (and mistakes are made!) and grow with each other. They understand that as one they are strong but together? They are invincible.

TBC values the Knights of old mentality. Virtues. Kindness. But we also honor strength. Knights are our defense. Who our people turn to for aid, who our people run to when shit hits the fan. Knights need to be prepared to step up and honor the motto: For the people.

Knights that fail in this. That step from the path of the courageous and merciful will find themselves lacking in benevolence given to them. They will be stripped of their titles and tried before their Lord, their brothers and the people that they have turned their backs on.

Knights of Sunshield hold much on their shoulders and they represent something greater then them and even greater then Lord Sunshield. They represent the people. Because of this? They are loved and treated with the utmost respect. **

The Borderland Coalition holds the Knight rank to a very high standard. They have earned this place through Roleplay, good deeds and have shown an OOC as well as IC dedication to quality and fair play. Because of this, there is no starting out as a Knight in TBC. Your toon's deeds will get you there and nothing more.

** Because of the RP needed to become a Knight for TBC, because the Knights have had to work on their reputation and deeds. Blunt disrespect of our Knights by our members is the largest insult that can be given to them and to Lord Sunshield. These are our HEROS and it treating them properly is mandatory.

Q. But what if my toon hates one of the Knights.
A. It would be in your toons best interest not to tell anyone.

Q. What if my toon saw a Knight do something horrible?
A. Because of the standards set down for the Knights, because of the way they are respected. It would be in your toon's best interest to have a private meeting with Folcard to discuss the issue. There IS a system set into place for Knights that become corrupt but slandering of said Knight before such system has begun hurts only your toon ICLY.