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For the people.
Rosemarri / Jan 04, 2022

Rosemarri --
Happy New Year Coalition!

What do we have in store for you this year? Stuff. Haha. We have more involvement in the MG community to look forward to (you might have noticed already), we have moved our guild to live in Westfall and it seems as if that is a better fit for us as a whole. This gives a gentle nod to the past 8 or so years of stories that we have done in Duskwood as we position ourselves for a future together that fits us.

New banner who this?

On the forums, you will see the Barony of Southwatch grow in detail as our Guild leader and guild members world craft and build. You can see that here.

In-game, you will see your calendar have meetings scheduled with the guild leader and server events posted to foster in-house and the ever-important world Roleplay.

For the first part of this year we will focus on creating what we want to Knights/squires to be and the Defenders to be.

PVP has bitten us in the buttocks and I will add a note that if you want to pvp but don’t know how or think you are not good, it is alright to say something. Some people battleground, some people arena, and some people RBG. There is a spot for -everyone- if you are curious enough or willing.

As a guild, as a group, we have been together since 2009 (roughly) and that is a long time. Along the way we have welcomed new friends, welcomed back old friends, and figured shit out as we went. Here is my wish for many, many more years with all of you. Together. This our home.

Glitter bombs and all.
Rosemarri / Dec 13, 2021

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"A few questioned the legitimacy of his vassalage contract promising him this appointment, while some brought up issues of unqualified ministers being elected even though Duke Colfax seems to have every qualification necessary to perform the duties of the ministerial position. Regardless, Lord Colfax consented to an election after Araian Sunshield, scion of House Sunshield and Knight of the Silver Hand, put his name forward to run against the Duke so that there were at least two candidates on the ballot. Duke Montclair requested those interested in the next round of elections for ministerial positions submit letters to him. With this final matter concluded, the session of Parliament was adjourned."